Stone Houses

Botanik Koy Stone Houses Ayvalik

Botanik Koy Stone Houses Project is developed by Durkan Construction and Project Management Company. It has been built on the area called Sivri of Tifillar village Ayvalik – Turkey. (See it on maps.)

Project gets inspiration from the old Greek houses in Cunda Island, using traditional stone and woodwork craftsmanship.

It’s situated on a hill overlooking the Adramyttian Gulf, Ida Mountains and Lesbos Island.

It’s 25 minutes drive away from Koca Seyit Airport in Edremit and 2.5 hours from Izmir International Airport.

"It’s situated on a hill overlooking the Adramyttian Gulf, Ida Mountains and Lesbos Island."

Botanik Koy Stone Houses consists of 2 types of projects.

Large villas; each villa is built on a 1000 square meters land. It has 150 square meters net usage area including 50 square meters wooden mezzanine floor.

Standard villas; each villa is built on a 500 Square meters of land. It has total of 75 square meters net usage area, including 25 square meters of wooden mezzanine floor.

House Details

Botanik Köy Catalogue

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Construction Site

  • Infrastructure

    Electricity has been connected using underground network.

    Drilling work has already been finished and water mains within the site activated.

    Sewerage network has been connected on the site and central cesspit has been activated.

    Intra-site roads have been built and connected to the villages nearby.

  • Groundworks

    Reinforced concrete was only used building the carrier frames.

  • Landscape

    Pinenuts, fruit and olive trees are planted.

    The garden walls will be constructed of natural stone.

    The gardens will be germinated.

    Garden landscaping service will be provided upon request.

    Pool for site residents is under construction and the communal areas are being landscaped.

  • Stone and Wood Craftsmanship

    Most of the four different coloured stones to build the villas are extracted from the regional stone quarries. Nevsehir stone is used for the columns, the corners and other specific parts of the structure.

    Different stone patterns will be applied on both internal and the external walls of the villas.

    Upon request, stone works will be diversified within the interiors.

    Russian pine will be used for the interior woodworks and the mezzanine floor. Timber flooring will be made out of chestnut tree as standard. However other kinds of hardwood may be used upon request.